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Full Metal Alchemist tells the story of how two brothers broke a law trying to revive their dead mother back to life. They paid the price by losing Edward Elric's arm and leg, and his younger brother's soul trapped in a suit of armor. Thus, they went on a journey together to retrieve their missing bodies. An anime worth watching!

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Homunculus Symbol Bronze NecklaceHomunculus Symbol Bronze Necklace

From the Full Metal Alchemist series comes this Homunculus bronzed symbol necklace. Lust, Greed, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, and Pride all sport this Homunculus 6-pointed star symbol on parts of their body. The pendant is approximately 2.5cm width by 3cm height. In polished high quality bronze finishing attached to detachable, flexible yet sturdy durable synthetic black necklace.

This item is discontinued and will not be restocked after sold out

Usual Price: $19.99 Now: $16.99

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Philosopher's Stone Ring Philosopher's Stone Ring

Behold the ring with the legendary Philosopher's Stone on it. Or so the priest of Lior thought. Now is your chance to own this intricately designed ring with the Red Stone transmuted from the toxic Red Water. For cosplaying or as a collection for FMA fans!

FINALLY BACK by popular demand!!

Usual Price: $21.80 Now: $14.99
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Listed: 11 April 2014 | Comments (13)

Full Metal Alchemist Mini Silver Watch NecklaceState Alchemist Mini Pocket Watch Locket Necklace

The State Alchemist pocket watch is a mini replica locket watch necklace here! The high quality silver plated locket watch comes with an attached necklace to be worn around your neck. Featuring an intricately embossed symbol of an Amestrian Dragon within an altered hexagram on the front, the watch comes complete with a latch for a 'pop-up' function. Measuring at 2.6cm diameter. Get yours now!


Usual Price: $40.00 Now: $14.99

Listed: 7 April 2014 | Comments (0)

Full Metal Alchemist State Alchemist Watch FMA State Alchemist Pocket Watch

This State Alchemist Watch from Full Metal Alchemist is 1/1 scale with the diameter measurement of 1.8" and is quite heavy. The pocket watch is made of polished alloy metal, with a 15" metal chain.

The watch also boasts the inscription of "Don't Forget 3. Oct. 11" inside Edward Elric's very own State Alchemist Watch, and is a working timepiece with roman numerics. The beautiful detailed design and workmanship is great as a collectible item even for non-FMA fans!


Usual Price: $32.00 Now: $16.99
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Listed: 5 March 2014 | Comments (69)

Roy Mustang Flame Alchemist Gloves Roy Mustang Flame Alchemist Gloves

These white gloves with red alchemy symbols belong to Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist. The gloves aid him to produce flames when he snap his fingers. The cotton gloves measure up to 9" in length and is standard sized to fit your hands just nice. Great for cosplaying!

Usual Price: $19.90 Now: $7.99
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Listed: 12 January 2014 | Comments (11)

Alchemist Symbol Necklace - SilverAlchemist Symbol Necklace

The snake around the cross is the Alchemist's symbol in Full Metal Alchemist. This silver pendant comes with a beautiful black rope-like necklace. A great gift or collection for Full Metal Alchemist fans!

Usual Price: $18.58 Now: $9.99

Listed: 7 December 2013 | Comments (4)

Alchemist Symbol Bronze NecklaceAlchemist Symbol Necklace - Bronze

From the Full Metal Alchemist series comes this Alchemist Symbol bronze necklace. Featuring a bronzed snake draping around the cross of the Alchemist's symbol. Pendant measuring at approximately 3.5cm width by 4cm height. In durable and high quality polished bronze finishing attached to a flexible yet highly durable synthetic mock leather black necklace.

Usual Price: $13.99 Now: $8.99

Listed: 29 September 2012 | Comments (0)

Edward Elric's Spear Weapon KeychainEdward Elric's Spear Weapon Keychain

Have a weapon at hand to transmute anytime with this Edward Elric's spear replica keychain. Transmute it when your enemies are near and let them envy this 3.5" long weapon in black glossy finish. A terrific gift for all Full Metal Alchemist fans!

Usual Price: $12.52 Now: $6.99
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Listed: 17 September 2012 | Comments (0)

State Alchemist Watch Phonestrap State Alchemist Watch Phonestrap

Get this State Alchemist Watch phonestrap and let it add charm to your phone. Made of metal alloy with glossy finish, it comes with a 3.5” long silver hand strap for your convenience. A great collection for all Full Metal Alchemist fans!

Usual Price: $8.70 Now: $5.99

Listed: 17 August 2009 | Comments (0)

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