Death Note Notebook

Death Note Notebook

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This Death Note notebook is THE Death Note Book featured in the anime/manga series. Includes instructions in the book on how to ‘kill’ people. The perfect back-to-school gift or for cosplay! Measurement is 8.1″ by 5.5″

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Product Description

- Special edition with 59 pages of rules. - Around 80 blanked line pages. (14 pages of semi-fill content written by Kira) - Comes with detachable plastic cover. Slivery 'Death Note' logo embossed on the cover. - Rules are in both English and Kanji. Fantastic replica of 8" x 5.5" size.

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Past Comments

i wrote my friends name it.

So many kids here , asking their mums to buy the book

we live in philipines my mother have us dallars my mother is gonna buy the book even im just 9 thats why i want to buy the book so i can scare my classmate. >_<

i want that book

Luckily my mum is a Death Note fan >:3
She said yes, but only if I get my grades up. By Sunday, if they are up. I'll be able to buy it ^^

I got my Death Note notebook like 3 days ago and i was so excited!!! its awesome!!

I asked my mom 2 get 1 4 me & she said yes. I didn't have to even explain cuz I told her I had money. :

I asked my mom if she could get it and that I would pay her back with my own money( I don't have a PayPal or whatever).
And of corse she said "no" because it's about death and I told her that it was just going to be for YouTube videos she still says "no". Because "The urge to kill someone is just as bad as killing at all". WTF!? I didn't INTEND on actually using to try to kill I was just going to use for fun!

i want this for my birthday but i know that my mom never is going to buy me this for my birthday

-.- I keep trying to ask mii mom if she could get it for me, wherever its around, buht she keeps saying that its about death and stuff o.o i watch 26 episodes of death im obsessed with the anime, buht mom ish breaking my loveless heart!!! D: Im only 10 and all, so she says: "not until yewr older, sweetcakes!" o.e So...I might have to trick her.......buht shes so freakin smart!@_@

I want this book so bad. I love the manga/anime and I think I am going to ask my mom for it C:

Just received my Death Note. I am extremely pleased with it! It was definitely worth the long wait! The detail and even the names inside are fantastic! Will seriously consider purchasing from this site again! :D

Its here its sooo awesome c:


It's awful. It doesn't even WORK. :(

Im waiting for mine to come .
I love the manga and if i ever decide to do a cosplay this replica could come in handy . ^ . ~
anyways ill write another review once i get it .

NOO! i've only watched half of the anime and now i read some comment which said that L's name is on the book!!! so he's dead and and nooooo! it's going to be very sad to watch the rest :'( must do it before the book arrives..

Well my Deathnote was late getting to me. The point is that Cris (399animeshop helpdesk personal) was very helpful getting my book to me. anytime somone asks where'd you get your deathnote Im gonna say go to 399anime cause they care!! Thank you guys!!! :^)

I've just recieved my Death Note.

EXCELLENT! Top Quality, absolutely amazing. I almost cried with joy when I first read it. Lots of silver details and perfect replication.

For those still wondering, this is how to book goes:

1. Front Cover, silver text
2. Inner cover reading "Death note" with silver wings detail.. Hard to explain
3. 52 Rules - On thick, black paper.
4. About 10 white lined pages with Names written on them. (By Kira, *wink*)
5. Absolutely loads of extra lined white pages for your own notes.

All pages are the very top-most quality, lined printed

yaay i got it today its so sick im lovin it

omfg i was at school and i got in truble for looking at this i didnt get suspended cuz i said it was a tv show but thats kinda stupid that the lady would get so worked up she treated me like i was a terrorrist or something

Its the best thing since the wheel!
im so in love with it. ill be sure to come back here if i run out of pages lmao!

This works! I got this like awhile ago. I wrote Michael Jackson in and he died :( he died like 5 days after :(

It is awsome, Lights death note is awsome my name is really Ryuk awsomr right DeathNote is awsome freaken awsome kicks a**

Used this so many times. Ryuk had to kill me. I am writing this note from where i am. Not heaven or hell.

~Light Yagaimi

damn this notebook is addicting
my cousin gave me this at christmas, at first i couldn't believe it because normally he gives me cutters and razors
i found myself JUST staring at it!!!
i even treat it like its a real death note
my classmates think i was crazy for being so "emo" and "goth" and other negative stuff for liking death

omg!!! u guys are so lucky i am a very big Death Note fan but my dad hate it unlike my mom who doesnt know what it is im gonna get it for christmas! (hopefully) so im crossing my fingers!

this note is awsome! it has so many relistic touches but i didnt like the shipping time and how light yagami's names look like thy were tiped an in chinese and the rubber cover is a sleeth (book cover)but over all thi is awsome

well, i bought this one whithout knowing there was a replica so i thought it would suck but it's awesome. i will definately come back and buy another one when mine is full.

I bought this, without knowing there was a replica size, so at first I was afraid to receive it. But I soon learned my lesson!
Even though I didn't receive a mail telling when it would arrive, it didn't take long. 8 days or so, and I live in Denmark!
The Death Note is great! The size is really qute, like "Perky Killer" cute, because it is not that big.
Here's some facts:
- 59 pages with "how to use"/rules
- 14 pages already filled with names (from the series, very realistic, from Kira's first, to Kira's last kill)
- A whole bunch of pages with nothing on them, so you personally can send everybody you no into certain death (muhahahaha)
- A nice little bookmarker (a string), so you know where you last wrote a name
- A cover with silvertext, that can be gentle removed, so you can disguise it

even though you may think "this isn't like the replica size", you won't be disappointed. I had fangirl-spasmes over it!

10/10 points

so damn awesome i have had it for a few weeks and i absolutely love awesome thanks so much for gettind it here to florida in my dad says 3 days

I'm probably going to get one, but just so you people know, the words on the front cover of Misa's/Gelus' Death Note are not japanese, they are shinigami letters, but they still spell death note, and if you want to know hot the words look in japanese, they are right under the english title, on most Death Note merchandise

This Books Sweeeeeeet!!! great birthday gift. a must have for all death note fans!
I thought i was going to die of happiness when i got it. On a scale of 1 to 10 i give it a 17. You really should get this. Best Notebook ever!

Im a HUGE death note fan. When i found this site at my school i almost died just falling in love with it. when i found this replica of The Death Note i think i missed a heart beat. im still buging my mom to buy this for me. I honestly will try to buy everything that i love on this site untill i get what i want. I told my friends about this site and honestly they love it to. Were all planing to buy a death note. Misa death notes for girls. And Light death notes for the boys.

OMG! hilarious! i love where it says LIND L. TAILOR just like the real death note!! awesomeness!!! =}

To Skater:

Yes, they are printed in L's handwriting. Some of them are squiggly and across lines. :)

This Death Note is so awesome I'm waiting for mine to come but i can wait til it gets here. Are the 14 pages of the names that light wrote look printed or do they look like actual writing?

My Death Note came yesterday and I was overally impressed with it, but when I wanted to buy it and was reading other people's reviews; I didn't get all of the information I wanted to know. So I will now post everything that I wanted to know when buying one, just incase anyone else is in the same circumstance I was in.

The book cover is a thin rubber covering with the words "Death Note" emblazoned onto the front of it. If you've ever seen a hardback Harry Potter book, it's similar to the paper covering over the front of that, but rubber.

Inside the book:

* A black piece of paper that says Death Note, the same as the front cover.

* A piece of tracing paper with "heart and wings" silver pattern.

* A black piece of paper saying Death Note with a picture of a skull underneath.

* Rules I - LIX (Roman Numerals)
NOTE: There are a few spelling mistakes in the rules, I'm not sure if they're there intentionally or accidentally.

* 14 pages of names that Light has written and some small black and white pictures are thrown in throughout those 14 pages.

* Loads of blank, lined pages for you to write on.

There is also a string-like bookmark attached to the Death Note.

I hope this review gives any potential buyers all of the information they are looking for.

There's 72 pages for you to write on, not including the rules.

Thank you and have a nice day!

How many pages are there to write on?This is very important to know for me before I get it.I really wanna get this but is there going to be like 10 little pages of lined paper, or like 50?I've been hearing blank drawing, or lined paper?Please respond soon!DEATH NOTE RULES!!!

Neat little book. I'm gonna order one soon. And for the love of shinigami will you people quit advertising how many names you'd write or you'd kill your whole school? All that makes you look like is either an asshole that alot of people dont like or a loser with no friends. If you need something to make a list of people to kill then write it on a piece of paper and save yourself $15. If you're a fan of the Anime, Manga and Movies and you have common sense, then by all means purchase this little book.

hey i got this this morning and i bought it 4 my frend aswell and its awsum! the size i got is good 2, the medium 1 i think lol and we got an email saying it would be like 3 weeks and its only been 1 week...very good shipping time and worth buying...i dno if i shud write in it lol but yea o well hehe

i just use it for drawing stuff in i mean no one is going to die if you write their name in it i already tried so i erased it
(and crossed it out before just in case)

i love it
except it doesnt work
i have over 114 names written down....

Awesome shipping time!

I received it in less than a week! =))

I am from turkey, and i am a hardcore death note fan. I bought this notebook. I chosed this one rather than the larger one because this one seems similar to the one in anime.
It arrived like in 2-3 weeks which is sooner than i was expecting.
So i wanna write a description of the notebook.
1-Definetely worth its price, cant tell how i loved it.( arright that was how i felt,not a description)
2-Really looks like the notebook of kira in the anime, the colour of pages , the cover.
3-A few cool inside cover pages
4-5 primary rules written in one of the first pages.Then a name wirtten by kira. Probably, the first guy he killed.
5-Then after five or 6 blank pages, another dark page rules wrtitten on it,
and another set of names written by kira to a blank page.
6-10 pages of rules total, in the notebook.27 rules written (i counted.)
rules are written both in japan and english,just like the font,shown like in anime.
7-There are many names written scaatered in the notebbok, like raye penber other agents,even L's fake name just like the way in the anime.
8-It so much refers to anime, and makes me remember it in many pages.
9-If you push and try a bit hard you can even remove the cover,without dameging the notebook(you can put the the original notebook back later) and put a regular notebook inside, so you can use many replica death notes keeping the original one.
10-I was planning to use this at school but damn i think i will keep it unused forever.Its reaaly cool, i will keep it as a death note memory forevr,
11-I am glad i bought it thnaks so much ppl.

Awesome shipping time, only took a week, Thanks, it was so worth it.

I bought two of these Death Notes, one for me and one for a dear friend of mine^^ and I must say I love it!
And Your shipping time! Amazing! from Singapore to Denmark in 5 days! Thats impressive!

I'm gonna return later and buy some more stuff! That's for sure!

this note is awsoem, a must have collectors item!

I ordered this, along with the misa-misa and replica sized notes, August 28th and today, September 10th, it came in. That is just one day short of two weeks. Great shipping speed!
This note is great, good size, nice texture on the cover, a must have for death note fans.

Hi,to all Death Note is awsome.

To M: I'm pretty sure the names of the people whom you write into this book will die. :)

I bought my own Death Note for almost $20.00 yesterday. Does those things really work? I haven't wrote in mine yet, because I'm just waiting for the right time to execute the person who caused my family and others hell over the past few years.

Which is better to get someone give a straight answer please. Pros and Cons on the two notebooks. So everyone can decide which one to buy. Thanks

so is this like a actual notebook? with nothing written in it? and how many pages are there????

41 rules!

umm i was wondering is this book better than the other death note book the one with all 52 rules
and which one is thicker?

Near and L ROCK!

i wish i could buy all those things related to death note specially the notebook because i really hate those persons who judge others!and i want them to suffer for eternity!!! just kidding

How many pages does this notebook have?

ima buy this and go to a cemetery and write peopls name that actually died then show it to people and make them freak when they c there name written

Im getting one RIGHT now for Otakon!!

man, i wish i could have one.. and i will use it in school, then at the same time write the names of my professors that will give me failing grades. wahaha! just kidding...

sldkfjsfd Waaah my parents are evil.
Won't let me buy one.

man I wish this one had 52 like the other but I seriously have to get this lol

I can't lie I think I'd end up like Light-kun with that power lol

you have no clue how muh I love you for selling this

hmm..i got it!1 yEAAH.. hmm.. im afraid the death god will appear to me.. heheheh jowk!!

I am a huge Death Note.
I even act like L sometimes for some odd reason XD
I'm gonna check with my parents to see if they can let me buy this.


Nope, this is a different version from the one described and this book is thicker. The other one is very thin.

Does this include the necklace or the feather pen thing? Write me back asap!


Yes. This one has 10 out of 52 instruction. For the whole set and a 'bigger' replica, see-->

Store keep: is that 10 of 52 instructions? As it says that the new more exact replica has 52?

kuroi neko:

The instructions are there, up to 10. After that, there are blank pages.

Hi i would like to know some points.

-as i've read the comments, but i havent come across that, is the book all blank? meaning there is intructions in the intro and the rest is blank that u can write anything in it.?

the Deathnote arrived, in only five days after it was purchased, in America.... can you warp time somehow?

most excellent, let the writing begin. intend to use it as an autograph book... :)

I demand a refund! This Death Note didn't work! Heheh, nah, I'm kidding. You are now my Godly saviour and I shall state my desire to have your babies, not to mention spreading the word of your Holiness to the world. Praise the Storekeeper!

CBC: The shipping is the same world wide. A flat rate of $6. It should take 3 weeks or less to reach north america.

Hey, Store Keep

I live in Canada, how long will it take to ship over here to north america. How much is the total cost including tax and all to Canada? thx if u can answer that.

gawie: The parcel is sent using registered air mail and the delivery time will be under 3 weeks. The instructions are there, up to 10.

i'm gonna get 2 of dis note book....... i'm from malaysia.... so mostly how long it takes to reach here and wuts the guarantee u reach my home??? and are the stock available still????? and the first page.... there a how to use the death note book....the instruction.... is it there???
looking forward for it....purchasing 2 soon...

I love this death note book it so awsome. To see it in the moving and in real life that rocks. I'am interest about that book, am wondering if there is real death-note-notebook that very..... not light but that feels real that actually the same thing in the book?
thanks you for reading this its nice writing you.

franky frodo:

Yup. The instructions are all there, up to 10.

This sounds interesting. Does the book have the instructions just like the manga and anime has?

Hi, this death note book is cool.

I've seen it, and I have a copy of it. But this book is "sort of" Light's book. The one that Misa had, had the japanese words of "Death Note" on the cover. Is there a copy of this book? I would like to know. Thanks.

Nightmare: Yes, we ship worldwide. The items will be sent out within 2 days and shipping may take up to 3 working weeks.

Omgz! I am going to buy it right away...if i cud :P im trying to save for 5000 quid :P but im deff gonna get it. Do you mail to UK? if u do then fab :) if u can lower the price a lil ill buy it 2moz :D plzz lol (i kno its a great price but 5000 quid doesnt come from trees u kno :P)


Sure you can buy, we sell worldwide.

lol that's rock but I can't buy -.-" I'm vietnamese lolz

Yeah, this Death Note pretty much rocks. I'm using to to write my recipes in. Hopefully, any one who uses said recipes won't die forty seconds after eating my food XD


Definitely. Everyone who has their name on this book will eventually die. It's just that the date and circumstance of death may be different from what you write. :P

It does work, right? D:

is there anyway i can put a hold an one of these. id like to purchase it, but i wont be getting money soon. please message me back.

Hi Qin Qin, we're sorry but this is not $3.99 Fish Market :P The price of $12.99 that we're going at now is a premium price and for a limited time only. Stocks are limited :)

can cheaper a bit aroun $11 reply bck 2 me..I wan 2 buy wit this price