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Aizen Sousuke and Momo Hinamori Keychain

Aizen Sousuke and Momo Hinamori Keychain

Death God 5th Division Captain Aizen Sousuke dons his specs, looking like your typical good guy beside his lieutenant, Momo Hinamori. Collect this 5th Division keychain!

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Aizen Sousuke and Momo Hinamori Keychain

Aizen Sousuke Biography (Bleach)

- Aizen Sousuke Bio by May

Birthday: May 29
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Former captain of the 5th Division, leader of the arrancar

Sousuke Aizen's character embodies the typical good guy who later reveals himself to be the underdog antagonist in the ultimate struggle for power in Bleach. Usually seen clad in his immaculate captain's uniform, no one (except the cunning guy who wrote the script) would have expected Sosuke to be in fact, a power-hungry person who thinks nothing of taking things to the extreme to attain his goals. Even to the extent of faking his death into a dramatic Shakespearean tragedy (replete with a hell load of gore). Here, his role of a supposed self-sacrificing captain is subverted, and we realize we know nothing of who Aizen might really be.

Hinamori's (lieutenant of the 5th Division) realization of Aizen's true nature was seen as devastating, and perhaps because of that we would find Aizen's character much easier to despise. It is, after all quite deplorable to deceive an innocent girl who looks up to you. Then again, his transformation from a quiet intellectual to an undeniably cool villain in the Arrancar arc does make him quite difficult to hate.

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