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    Sharingan Metal Spinner

    $15.00 $8.90

    Awesome Naruto inspired fidget spinner. It’s made of brass and feels really heavy in your hands.

    Get it now.

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    Hero Academia – Tsuyu Asui Figurine Ball Chain

    $9.00 $7.99

    Tsuyu Asui, nicknamed Froppy, is one of the students of Class 1-A in U.A. High. She is known for her frog-like appearance and Quirk called Frog-Form. Add to your My Hero Academia collection this unique ball chain featuring the curious-looking Froppy wearing her U.A. uniform. 1 of 4 from the My Hero Academia Takara Tomy Arts series including other characters such as Eraserhead, Shouto Todoroki and Izuku Midoriya. Collect them all!

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    Hero Academia – Shouto Todoroki Figurine Ball Chain

    $9.00 $7.99

    Shouto Todokori is a popular character in the anime series, My Hero Academia. He is instantly recognizable because of his dual-coloured hair and burn mark on his left eye. He is known for his powerful Quirk, Half-Cold Half Hot, enabling him to use both fire and ice attacks. Add to your My Hero Academia collection this unique ball chain featuring the stoic Shouto wearing his U.A. uniform. 1 of 4 from the My Hero Academia Takara Tomy Arts series including other characters such as Eraserhead, Tsuyu Asui and Izuku Midoriya. Collect them all!

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    Uzumaki Naruto Keychain ( hands on hip )

    $5.80 $3.99

    Watch out for this 4cm key-chain with an attached mini figure of Uzumaki Naruto as with his typical orange attire which he wears in Naruto Shippuuden. The main lead and title character of the series is seen here posed with both hands on his waist, with a slight smirk on his face. Collect all your Naruto Shippuden series key-chains!

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    Bleach Ishida Quincy Cross Necklace

    $23.58 $17.99

    This Quincy Cross is great for your Uryuu Ishida cosplay, the last surviving Quincy. The silver cross with blue energy lining in the middle is exactly like the one drawn in the anime series. You can wear this as a necklace or wrap the chain around your wrist just like Ishida. Great for cosplaying!

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    Excalibur and Avalon Replica (Golden)

    $16.90 $9.99

    This beauty is a truly breath-taking collector's item. The solid metallic golden-colored Excalibur is accompanied by the stunning Avalon; Saber's long-lost sheathe. The finishing is shiny and smooth and the pair feels significantly heavy in your hands. If you're a fan of the Fate Stay Night / Fate Zero series, you DO NOT want to miss this. Avalon comes attached to a removable keychain just in case you want to hang this prize somewhere.

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    Luffy’s Pirate Ship Keychain – Going Merry

    $19.50 $8.99

    Own Monkey D' Lufffy's Going Merry pirate ship on your keychain! The poor tragic ship that died will live forever as a graceful mini pirate ship. A great addition to all One Piece fans' collection!

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    Kingdom Hearts Sora Gloves (Black)

    $29.90 $19.99

    Sora has some kick ass gloves. Grab this default pair from Sora's default costume. In black synthetic leather with details running over it, this pair of gloves is great for cosplaying or simply as a Statement!

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    Kon Mascot Bag (Backpack)

    $49.90 $19.99

    Kon has gotta be a creator's most unbeloved mascot. But hey, don't we love him all the same? Carry Kon around on your back! This adorable zip-up bag lets you carry your stuff in style and be the envy of your fellow anime-lover friends!

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    Hatake Kakashi Keychain (without Jounin vest)

    $5.80 $3.99

    Grab this 4cm keychain with an attached mini figure of Kakashi Hatake, everyne’s favourite sensei! The enigmatic Team 7 leader and Uzumaki Naruto’s teacher looks all cool in his ninja attire without his Jounin vest for once! Collect with the other Naruto keychains!

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    Kirito Elucidator Replica Keychain (SAO)

    $15.35 $8.99

    The Elucidator is one of Kirito's swords in Sword Art Online where he used in the deadly SAO game. This miniature replica is coated with a dark chrome finishing and attached to a keychain. Carry it around with our keys or place it with the rest of your SAO memorabilia!

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    Ami Mizuno Sailor Mercury Headband

    $15.90 $8.99

    When Ami Mizuno, the short blue-haired sailor soldier transforms into Sailor Mercury, she dons her golden Sailor Soldier headband with a blue gem in the middle. This headband comes with an elastic band to fit all head sizes. Great for cosplaying as Sailor Mercury or for a fun party for Sailor Moon fans!

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    Tokyo Ghoul – Renji Yomo Figure Ball Chain

    $8.00 $3.99

    From the Tokyo Ghoul series, Renji Yomo is the right-hand man of Yoshimura and is one of the popular characters among fans. Our featured ball chain collectible is Yomo in his typical overcoat attire and the usual expressionless face that he wears. Part of Aoshima's SD Figure Swing set that features other Tokyo Ghoul characters such as Ken Kaneki, Juuzou Suzuya, Uta, and Touka Kirishima. Collect them all!


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    —– CLEARANCE ITEM —– Vampire Knight Logo Accessory Pin

    $5.80 $3.99

    The enigmatic symbol of Vampire Knight series has been beautifully captured in this logo accessory pin. It has an approximate size of 1.3″x1.3″ and made of soft rubber material. Pin it up to your shirt collar to create a classy aura around you. Get one now!

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    Straw Hats Crew Jolly Roger Necklace – Bronze

    $19.90 $10.99

    Be part of the notorious Straw Hat Pirates crew by wearing their Jolly Roger around your neck! On a simple silver necklace, this bronze pendant features the iconic straw hat Jolly Roger on a ship’s helm. With its slight weight and weathered-looking bronze, this has a touch of authenticity that makes a great collectible!

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    FMA State Alchemist Pocket Watch

    $32.00 $16.99

    This State Alchemist Watch from Full Metal Alchemist is 1/1 scale with the diameter measurement of 1.8″ and is quite heavy. The pocket watch is made of polished alloy metal, with a 15″ metal chain.

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    Pokemon Pokeball Storage Ball

    $15.00 $7.99

    The standard red and white Poke Ball is considered to be the most iconic item in the Pokemon series. Immediately available at the start of every game, it is mass produced to keep the Pokemon trainers busy. Add to your Pokemon collectibles this fully functional Poke Ball. By pressing the middle button, you can open the Poke Ball up to use for storing small items. Also available are other PokeBall variants such as the Super Ball, Ultra Ball and the rare Master Ball. Collect all four!

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    Leafa Sword Replica Keychain (ALO)

    $14.55 $9.99

    Leafa takes over as the heroine in the ALO game (Alfheim Online), leading Kirito to save Asuna. Collect this 6.5 inch green sword miniature replica used by Leafa in the ALO game. Comes with a sheathe and attached to a keychain for easy carrying around! Collect with the other swords from Sword Art Online!

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    Trafalgar Law Hoodie with Heart Pirates Jolly Roger

    $48.00 $26.99

    Whether cosplaying the formidable Surgeon of Death or simply keeping snug and warm in the cold, this hoodie pullover is a bright, casual piece great for fans of Trafalgar Law! Yellow with black raglan sleeves, this genderless piece has the Heart Pirate's Jolly Roger embroidered on the front in black.

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    Soul Eater Headband (Cosplay)

    $21.90 $8.99

    Complete your Soul Eater cosplay with his fantastic trademark headband! Its the elaborate replica from the anime series starting from the embroidered word “Soul” to the “Eat” logo at the side. The headband is stretchable to complement all head size!

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    Naruto Kunai

    $10.00 $3.99

    This black plastic Naruto kunai is 4.5″ long and emblazoned with the Konoha symbol at the side. The multi-purpose kunai can also be used as a letter opener when you are not flinging it at ninjas. Collect it with the shurikens!

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    One Piece – Trafalgar Law Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit Necklace

    $17.00 $9.99

    From the popular One Piece series, the Ope Ope no Mi is considered the ultimate Devil Fruit, allowing the user to complete impossible surgeries as well as to grant immortality to another being. Add to your One Piece collectible this unique necklace of Trafalgar Law's famous Devil Fruit made from durable metal alloy.

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    Danganronpa – Celestia Ludenberg Finger Protector Ring

    $19.00 $12.99

    Celeste Ludenberg is the Gothic psychopath from the Danganronpa: Trigger Happy. Complete your Celeste cosplay with this highly detailed replica of her index finger ring. Made from high quality material, the ring is free size and flexible just like in the anime.

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    Fairy Tail – Erza Poster Set

    $18.00 $12.99

    The strongest woman from the guild Fairy Tail, Erza looks no less than a warrior and sexy as her name suggests, in this set of posters! With the bright red and orange theme, one showcases her in her sexy and playful outfit, while the other shows her in her various battle armor like Heavens Wheel Armor and Nakagami armor. With its narrow cutting, these posters can fit even small wall panels or behind closet doors!

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    Love Live Minami Kotori Mini Figurine with Ballchain (Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari)

    $9.00 $5.99

    Minami Kotori is famously known for being μ's fashion designer and is a major character in the Love Live! series. Add to your Love Live! collection this mini figurine of Minami wearing her Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari outfit from the Love Live! The School Idol Movie. One of five of the Bandai Swing Set that features other characters such as Kousaka Honoka, Sonoda Umi, Hoshizora Rin and Nishikino Maki. Collect them all!

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    Pokemon – Master Ball Storage Ball

    $15.00 $6.99

    When it comes to catching rare Pokemons, there's no better ball to use than the Master Ball. With a 99.6% catch rate, it is the most sought after item in the Pokemon games. Add to your Pokemon collectibles this fully functional Master Ball. By pressing the middle button, you can open the Master Ball up to use for storing small items. Also available are other Pokeball variants such as the Super Ball, Ultra Ball and the iconic red and white standard Pokeball. Collect all four!

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    Naruto Ninja Weapon Replica Set

    $30.10 $15.99

    Love all those little kunai and what-nots that the shinobi in Naruto are always flinging around? Collect them all in this set of 10 mini replica! These shiny chrome mini toy weapons will be the proud collection of all aspiring ninjas.

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    SAO – Asuna Knights of the Blood Chest Plate

    $25.00 $19.99

    From the Sword Art Online series, Asuna is the main female character and the girlfriend of main protagonist, Kirito. Swear your allegiance to the Knights Of The Blood Guild with this beautiful brooch that Asuna wore on her chest! (Also suitable if you are looking to make your own Asuna cosplay.)

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    Fate Stay Night Collectibles Set

    $33.00 $27.99

    Get your Holy Grail War fix with this collectibles set featuring the miniature weapons of the Servants from the Fate/stay Night series. With nine different weapons featuring swords such as the Caliburn and Rule Breaker. These intricately designed replicas can serve as a display or it can function as a keychain which is provided in this collection.

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    Sailor Moon – Usagi Tsukino Earrings (Star and Moon)

    $24.00 $16.99

    Sailor Moon will forever be one of the most beloved classic anime series of all time. Add to your precious Sailor Moon collection these finely crafted pair of star and moon earrings in champagne gold.

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    Colossal Titan Head Pillow Cushion Plush (Shingeki No Kyojin)

    $90.00 $39.99

    While the actual Colossal Titan might not seem like something you want to hug, this big pillow makes a good hugging cushion for those who have a love for these mysterious antagonists! Features the face of the Colossal Titan with its exposed muscle drawn in great detail on one side, and the epic scene of it seen over the wall on the other side!

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    Black Trafalgar Law Hoodie with Gold Jolly Roger (New World)

    $60.00 $38.99

    A more toned-down jacket donned by Trafalgar Law, this black zip-up hoodie is modelled after his outfit in New World and comes with two convenient front pockets. This piece is however stylishly Law, with the furry inner spotted lining of the hood! The Heart Pirates' Jolly Roger is also emblazoned on the back in a matte gold, matching to a small 'LAW' on the left chest of the jacket.